A Pleasure Dealing With Ash Technologies!

Bemis Testimonial


As a testing Lab, we use our digital microscope for investigating quality issues with medical device packaging. Also, it supports visual inspection of packaging post transportation and shelf life simulations (helps to communicate results to customers, especially if it is a fail result.


It’s been a pleasure dealing with Ash Technologies.

Promptly answered questions, quickly issued quotes, fast service, refresher training courses offered at no additional fee, even pick-up and delivery of the instrument – it all adds up and leaves us happy.

Irina Svibovich, PhD
Bemis Healthcare Packaging Europe

The speed of the response and ability to meet our tight timeline was very impressive!

Creganna TE Connectivity Testimonial


Ash Technologies supplied a digital microscope system to help assessment of tube finishes without major impact to the overall cycle of production.

Ash have provided excellent support from problem classification, through vision system development, right to fixturing and set-up support.

The speed of the response and ability to meet our tight timeline was very impressive.

The availability and assistance from team members of all levels, from Sales to Engineering, was invaluable to our team

Pádraig McVeigh
Creganna - TE Connectivity

Detect Faults Sooner – Time Management Improved!

ITW Slovenia Testimonial


Our company supplies components for all key producers of household appliances in the world. We have a leading market share in the field of products used for measuring and controlling the water levels in both washing machines and dishwashers. We produce a lot of small plastic and metal parts.

For this application we use the Omni core digital microscope from Ash Technologies to improve our quality control close to production. Apart from having a large, clear picture for visual control, it is also very important for us to be able to check some key dimensions on our parts. We decided on the Ash Omni core based on the positive experiences of other local companies.

We are now able to detect faults sooner and act quicker, with overall time management being improved. Therefore, our plan is to purchase more digital microscopes in the future.

Rok Morel
ITW Slovenia

Highly Recommend The Omni core!

Roland Heraeus Testimonial Omni


Our goal was to acquire a microscope with the smallest possible surface differences between 5 and 500μ mm without fatigue. Likewise, we wanted to create sharp images with the abnormalities and these surveying. The implementation of these requirements has now been confirmed in practice by our employees.

What also stands out is the intuitive user interface our employees were able to use within a very short time. The support from their side for commissioning and technical questions is also to be positively emphasized.

We can highly recommend this microscope because of our positive experiences and you as a partner.

Roland Rücker
Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

20% Increase in Inspection & Production!

Teleflex Logo


The problem we needed to solve was inspection of eye (holes) within the catheter body. The Omni core features which we found the most useful for a solution to this was image capture and the ability to connect with our CAD systems. Previously we used a magnifying glass for inspection – this method was slow and uncomfortable. Benefits of using the Omni core system include being more comfortable to use and an increase in efficiency during dimensions inspection.

This allowed for a 20% increase in production (inspection).

We would recommend the Ash Omni as a good choice for our application, and a better solution to more expensive systems on the market (which we have tested for our application). Ash have provided excellent support by helping us set-up the system onsite and provide training, ensuring that we have optimal set-up for inspecting our parts.

Tomas Baranek

A great device – we are completely satisfied!

Vorbach Omni Testimonial


We use our Omni for control, fault finding and cause diagnosis of mould inserts and resulting plastic parts.

Pictures taken by the camera can be easily commented on or documented.

The integrated measuring function gives us a good sense for the smallest damage to the contours of the mould.

A great device. We are completely satisfied.

Klemens Haindl
Vorbach GmbH & Co. KG

Given us capabilities which we did not have previously!

Conductix Wampfler Logo

The Omni vision system we purchased from Ash Technologies has given us the ability to measure dimensions on our plastic moulded parts that we previously did not have the capability to do.

In sourcing this, capability has greatly improved our ability to obtain timely approval from our customers for the new products we are constantly adding to our range.

The Image Stacking function on the Omni vision system is a feature that we have found useful. We use many bought-in high precision components on our assembly line. The Image Stacking function enables us to quickly produce high magnification photographs to highlight to our suppliers any quality issues or areas for improvement. Our suppliers greatly appreciate the precision measurement and quality of the images we can now provide them with.

Michael Mulvi
Conductix Wampfler

Having only purchased the Omni a few months ago, we wonder what on earth we did before!!

Swissmatic Logo Testimonial


Having only purchased the Omni a few months ago, we wonder what on earth we did before!!

With manufacturing small high precision turned components, it is not always easy to see the component clearly.  However, using the Onmi we can now not only see a better image but we can magnify and capture the image with ease. The measurement aspect of the scope is very easy to understand, easy to use and it has excellent repeatability – within a few microns of a millimetre. One of the many key advantages of purchasing the Omni is the technical support.  Matthew, our Technical Sales Engineer, has a vast amount of knowledge.  We have found him very supportive both before and after sales.

We would highly recommend Omni to anyone who is considering purchasing from Ash Technologies.

Iain Goodwin
Swissmatic Ltd.

Dakin Flathers – Ash Have Gone “Over & Above to Assist”

Dakin Flathers Logo

We purchased an Omni digital microscope from Ash Technologies in order to satisfy our need for in-process testing out in the factory. We were looking for something that was robust, intuitive to use, and capable of giving us a step change in our material assessment capabilities. I’m happy to say that the Omni fulfills all of those criteria and more.

The ease of use has meant that we have had no issues with operator  engagement and everyone asked, insists it has taken away any degree of uncertainty that was always evident in analogue checks.

From a personal point of view, right from the initial demonstration through to the after-sales service, I cannot fault the staff at Ash, who have gone over-and-above to assist however they have been able. Possibly the greatest testament to the unit is that other sections within the factory have seen the potential it brings; and have begun making their own case to me for the purchase of additional units. I have to say, it is only a matter of time!

Steven Martin
Dakin Flathers

Would Highly Recommend Ash Technologies – Impeccable Customer Service!

goodman medical logo testimonial

Working in the medical device industry I’ve come across many different inspection and measurement platforms, many of which are highly complicated and require constant maintenance and tech support to solve update and compatibility issues. Ash Technologies’ Omni Core vision and measuring system is an all-in-one platform that provided a solution to all these issues.

It gives precision measurements and high resolution, high magnification images with a simple user-friendly interface with software applications that minimise error. The inspection applications not only make identifying defects an easy task, but also simplifies and speeds up operator training and measurement applications, ensuring accurate measurements every time. Software updates can be done at the click of a button with no need for IT support and additional applications can be added just as easily if required.

All in all, I would highly recommend Ash Technologies to anyone looking to simplify and improve their vision and measurement systems. I would also like to add that they have impeccable customer service which is always a plus.

Jonathan Higgins
Goodman Medical