FlyEvidence are a UK-based insect identification service dedicated to delivering professional and accurate identification of insects and provision of relevant biological information for the public, forensic and scientific enquiries, environmental impact assessment and environmental health.

“The OMNI has enabled improved, high-quality research output due to advanced inspection and Digital Z-Stacking capabilities. Customer reports are now streamlined and traceable thanks to OMNI, which is of high importance to us as it significantly enhances the results we produce, improves our reputation, increases the range of services we can offer and more importantly, increases customer confidence in our company.

“Before integrating the OMNI, drawing was a time-consuming process which involved using a drawing tube on an optical microscope. We would trace around the body part to be illustrated (e.g., the wing) using pencil and paper. That can then be reduced or magnified on a photocopier if needed. A piece of draughting film is then laid on top and the image is manually traced using a pen and permanent ink. This requires multiple hours of effort, with some images taking one full day to complete. Any article produced requires three months of continuous inspection and identification. Using the OMNI, it would take one month to complete a project that took a minimum of three-to-four months to complete by hand.”

OMNI has reduced our inspection timeframe by 75%! This time saving has allowed for increased throughput and execution of more projects in a much shorter space of time!

“ASH provides a very high standard of both product and customer care – FlyEvidence highly recommends their products.”

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