We purchased an Omni digital microscope from Ash Technologies in order to satisfy our need for in-process testing out in the factory. We were looking for something that was robust, intuitive to use, and capable of giving us a step change in our material assessment capabilities. I’m happy to say that the Omni fulfills all of those criteria and more.

The ease of use has meant that we have had no issues with operator  engagement and everyone asked, insists it has taken away any degree of uncertainty that was always evident in analogue checks.

From a personal point of view, right from the initial demonstration through to the after-sales service, I cannot fault the staff at Ash, who have gone over-and-above to assist however they have been able. Possibly the greatest testament to the unit is that other sections within the factory have seen the potential it brings; and have begun making their own case to me for the purchase of additional units. I have to say, it is only a matter of time!

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