Inspex HD: FAQ

Do I need a PC with software to capture images?

No. Inspex HD captures images direct to a USB memory stick so there is no need for a PC or external software.  

What format are images captured in?

Images are captured to a USB 2.0 highspeed in 24 bitmap file at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p.

Is the Inspex HD USB port for connecting to a PC?

No. The USB port allows images to be captured direct to a USB memory stick, without the need for a PC. 

What monitor is recommended for use with the Inspex HD?

Ash recommends that the customer uses a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080p to achieve optimum image. 

Monitors can be purchased as an accessory for the Inspex HD 1080p. Please contact Ash or your local distributor for details of our recommended monitors. 

How is magnification calculated?

Magnification is a combination of both the objective lens used and also the monitor size. Inspex displays the current magnification on-screen, which can be configured for different objective lenses and monitor screen sizes. Our quoted magnifications are based on a 24″ monitor. 

How long does it take to set-up the Inspex HD?

Out of the box, Inspex HD takes under 10 minutes to set-up. Each system comes with an easy to follow User Manual and Quick Start Guide. 

Do I need training to use the Inspex HD?

No. Expertly and intuitively designed controls make it easy to use from the start. Our Inspex HD User Manual Guides are there for all of your queries, big or small.

What stand options are available?

The Inspex HD 1080p Table is a portable unit which does not require an additional stand. 

The Inspex Vesa 1080p requires a stand to mount the unit. There are two options available: 

  • The Inspex HD Track Stand (AI 100-020, 019, 028) features a focus block that can travel the full length of the 500mm track for focus and camera height. 
  • Inspex HD Uplight Track Stand Vesa & Vesa Short Flex Cam (AI 100-023). This stand features a focus block that can travel the full length of the 500mm track for focus and camera height adjustment with integrated LED base illumination with light intensity control. 

There are varying measurements in base size depending on your needs. Please see specific dimensions on our Accessories page. 

Can I attach filters to the objective lens?

Yes. The objective lenses each have a standard 52mm thread to accept a range of filters (neutral density, colour, UV and polarisation). 

What illumination options are available?
  • Inspex accessories include a controllable 8-point LED ring light (AI 100-012), providing optimum shadow-free illumination for a wide range of applications. 
  • Diffused LED Dome Light (AI 100-001) provides light intensity control and reduces glare. 
  • Inspex HD Track Stand (AI 100-023) contains an integrated LED base illumination with light intensity control. 
What lens is provided with the Inspex HD Vesa and Inspex HD Table?

The Inspex HD Table is provided with a +4 lens as standard.

The Inspex HD Vesa is provided with a +5 lens as standard.