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Our inspection time is inefficient and labour intensive.

We replace outdated traditional inspection methods relying on old technology with the latest cutting-edge digital solutions, allowing for employees to be deployed to high value tasks.
See how we have helped Pfizer increase efficiency.

We need to catch defects sooner and significantly reduce wastage and re-work.

We regularly see our clients reducing wastage costs by a minimum of 50%, as well as reducing re-work requirements. Lean on agile, intelligent technology to catch anomalies early in your process and reduce the throughput of defective products. See how a lead supplier to a world-renowned prestige watch brand achieved 4X faster alignment and a 75% reduction in waste.
See how a world renowned Watch-Maker increased their production efficiency here.

We need to increase throughput, but inspection is a serious bottleneck.

Our digital, semi-automating, purpose-built solutions are proven to increase inspection efficiency and effectiveness. Let technology do the work and cut inspection times by up to 300%, as well as reducing manpower requirements.
See how our medical sector client improved inspection and increased throughput by 400%.

We need faster inspection and a lot less human error.

Our cameras and software can see and process with unprecedented speed and accuracy, reducing the demands on your team, mitigating risk and eliminating human error.
Discover the power of Omni 3 here.

We need to get much better at spotting surfaces anomalies.

Lean on technology, including AI, to quickly capture the most discrete surface anomalies and ensure precision and consistency.
Explore our Acumen AI product.

We need to speed up and improve our inspection recording.

Our smart software can automate your documentation and reporting requirements. Extensive, accurate, accessible recording to better support your compliance and traceability requirements.
See how British Sugar automated their process.

We would like to upgrade from traditional outdated systems to digital methods

Our ever-advancing inspection solutions are becoming an integral part of our clients’ ongoing digitisation.
Learn more about Inspex HD here.

We need to improve the ergonomics of our inspection set-up.

No need for operators to hunch over small optical microscopes when they can now inspect on a HD display. 9 out of 10 applications we encounter will result in a digital solution.
Discover the power of Omni 3 here.

We need to see in greater detail.

Our all-seeing technology enables deep, fast, multi-faceted inspection. Examine and measure the most minute components, to the finest of tolerances, at speed, while being supported with rich, on-screen, comparison data.
See how a lead supplier to a world-renowned prestige watch brand achieved 4X faster alignment and a 75% reduction in waste.

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