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A new category Field of View measuring system

Quantum is a fully integrated, easy to use, reliable and efficient 2D video measurement system with no requirement for a PC. Advanced digital image processing technology and unprecedented Multiple FOV ranges reduces measurement time and eliminates operator variances.

Customer Benefits


  • Eliminate subjectivity
  • Significantly improve inspection time
  • Tenfold increase in throughput
  • Automatically create, save and export excel reports for easy documentation and traceability

Intuitive User Interface

Program and Test



There are 6 easy steps to allow you to program your parts/setup your measurements.

Step One: Open new part
Step Two: Select Field of View which best suits the size of the part
Step Three: Set focus point
Step Four: Set the optimal lighting conditions for the part
Step Five: Define the edges of the part to ensure readiness for measurement
Step Six: Ready to perform measurements as outlined in the Measurement Suite section


The Test option allows you to perform automatic testing of production parts.

Test your part against a master golden template to automatically identify defects.
Simply load the test part, run the test and the results are clearly displayed on the screen. Results can be captured and exported to an Excel document for documentation and traceability.


Measurement Suite


Quantum has a wide range of measurement capabilities, such as Horizontal Dimension, Vertical Dimension, Horizontal Dimension 2 Point, Vertical Dimension 2 Point, Dimension 2 Point, Dimension (not axis tied), Best Line Fit with Dimension, Best Fit Circle with Dimension Diameter, Angle, Angle without Origin, Spline, 3 Point Arc with Radius Dimension, Polygon Area, 3 Point Perpendicular Dimension.

Horizontal Dimension

Horizontal Dimension

Allows the user to draw horizontal dimension measurements

Vertical Dimension

Vertical Dimension

Allows the user to draw vertical dimension measurements

Dimension (not axis tied)Dimension (not axis tied)

Allows the user to measure a dimension without an axis

Best Line Fit with Dimension

 Best Line Fit with Dimension

Aids users to define the length of a part with an uneven edge

Angle without OriginAngle

Allows the user to measure angles (angle with origin)

Horizontal Dimension 2 PointHorizontal Dimension 2 Point

2 Point Horizontal Measurement. Does not require mouse left click hold and drag

Vertical Dimension 2 PointVertical Dimension 2 Point

2 Point Vertical Measurement. Does not require mouse left click hold and drag

Dimension 2 Point (not axis tied)Dimension 2 Point (not axis tied)

Allows user to measure a dimension on any axis. Does not require mouse left click hold and drag

3 Point Perpendicular Dimension3 Point Perpendicular Dimension

Allows the user to measure the perpendicular distance between two planes


Allows the user to measure samples with non-linear lengths

Angle without OriginAngle without Origin

Allows the user to measure an angle without the need for a defined origin (useful for measuring parallelism of a part)

3 Point Arc with Radius Dimension3 Point Arc with Radius Dimension

Allows users to define and measure the radius of an arc

Best Fit Circle with DimensionBest Fit Circle with Dimension

Allows the user to define multiple points on a circle radius measurement. The greater the number of points defined the greater measurement accuracy

Best Fit Circle with Dimension DiameterBest Fit Circle with Dimension Diameter

Allows the user to define multiple points on a circle diameter measurement. The greater the number of points defined the greater measurement accuracy

Polygon AreaPolygon Area

Allows users to define and measure an area of an irregular shape. Particularly useful for the polymer industry, such as measuring the area of a wire shielding section


Allows the user to set part alignment correction to the X axis on a part that has been placed in the FOV. Quick and accurate horizontal or vertical measurements with confidence.


Datum can serve as a reference check to provide a precise depiction of a part, feature or an enhanced understanding of feature to feature relationships.

Automatic Measurements

Quick Measurements & Data Sharing


Save and recall measurement and settings files for routine inspections.

Simultaneous automatic measurements to speed up inspection time.

PASS/FAIL tolerance judgement display for rapid identification of failures.

NFS connectivity for automatic transfer of results to the network.

Documentation and traceability.

Automatic Alignment

Automatic identification of part position & re-orientation: No need for a jig to position parts.

The position of a part is automatically identified and re-orientated to its programmed measurement position.

Quantum Auto Align






Real Time Lens Distortion Correction

(Patent Applied For)

Unique Technology

Distortion is inherent in all lenses. Rather than correct this through optics, Ash have developed a digital solution. Quantum uses advanced algorithms to correct lens distortion on the live image. This results in consistent measurements across the entire field of view.

Quantum Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Lens +5 lens with 5 fixed position zooms
FOV 134mm x 75mm @ L1 mag;
87mm x 49mm @ L2 mag;
46mm x 26mm @ L3 mag;
10mm x 6mm @ L4 mag;
4mm x 2mm @ L5mag;
Illumination Quadrant controllable LED ring light;
Sub-stage transmitted LED illumination
Image Capture Internal Image Capture 16gb. Removable USB Image Capture Transfer Images to PC via USB Cable
Monitor Connections HDMI/DVI
Power 24W
Monitor Requirements HD Ready or Full HD (Recommended)
Dimensions 216mm x 125mm x 136mm
Input/Output HDMI Out, USB 2.0 Port x 4, RJ45 Ethernet Connector (for networking), General Purpose IO x 3, DC Power Jack (24V)
Weight 1.75Kg
Temperature Storage: -10 Celsius to +60 Celsius
Operating: +5 Celsius to +40 Celsius

Package Contents

  • Quantum
  • Quantum Illuminated Track Stand
  • +5 Lens
  • Mouse & Mouse Mat
  • Keyboard
  • Power supply
  • HDMI to HDMI cable
  • Operation Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Mini USB Cable (for PC connection)
  • USB Memory Stick
  • Cleaning Cloth