Ash Digital Microscope Other Accessories

KPIII Keypad

KPIII External Keypad

AI 806-003

  • Simple to use keypad interface
  • Instant “desktop” access to system functions
  • Improves and tailors user access
  • Toggle through 5 preset graticules,  improving workflow speed and system usability
  • Removes any accidental system movement throughout your process
  • Ideal for Quality Control & Production environments

KPII External Keypad

AI 806-002

  • Simple to use keypad interface
  • The KPII Keypad allows the user to access the preset functions without using the systems GUI. This controls and standardises the inspection process by removing the operators access to settings, thus reducing the possibility of operator error.
  • A preset can be customised to hold specific system settings and measurement detail.
  • Up to 5 presets can be added.*The KPII can be used in conjunction with Inspex II or Omni core.
KPII Digital Microscope
Digital Microscope Keyboard

KPI External Keypad

AI 806-002

Designed for use with the full Inspex range. The optional KP1 Keypad unlocks integrated real-time on-screen XY dimensioning grids and cursors. It also allows access to a variety of additional functions including 3 Memory Presets, Exposure ,Gain and Manual Focus control.

Foot Switch

(AI 801-415)

The foot switch allows hands free control of zoom or capture/overview with the Inspex HD 1080p. This is ideal where the user needs to use both hands for rework or inspection.

Digital Microscope Foot Switch
Digital Microscope Monitor

Monitor 24”

(AI 801-416)

Full HD 1080p 24” vesa mountable monitor with stand. Each monitor has a wide viewing angle and high contrast display.

Omni & Inspex II Hard Case

(AI 801-563)

Extremely durable ABS exterior and custom made cushion interior. The Omni Hard Case can house a full Omni system including stand and accessories.

Inspex Digital Microscope Case
Inspex Digital Microscope Case

Inspex HD Hard Case

(AI 801-561)

Extremely durable ABS exterior and custom made cushion interior. The Inspex hard case is available for the full Inspex range.

Ash PC Capture

(AI 100-052)

Allows Omni or Inspex live video to be viewed on PC at Full HD 60fps.

Ash PC Capture
Omni Touchscreen Workflow Controller

Touchscreen Workflow Controller

AI 100-049

Step by step control of custom workflows to standardize and control inspection. Controller can work in conjunction with Omni Motorized XY Stage.

Monitor Mount Track Stand

AI 800-023

Additional accessory which can be used to mount a monitor onto the track stand.