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The Power of AI

Introducing AI, the future of inspection, one step at a time…

Features and Benefits

  • Improve Efficiency
    Significantly increase throughput and reduce material waste.
  • Remove Subjectivity
    Surpass the standard of manual inspection for accurate and repeatable inspection results.
  • Ease of use
    The AI APP is intuitive, easy to train, simple to learn.
  • Cloud Connectivity
    Push data to the ASH Cloud and create a centralized location for your data and inspection models that is readily accessible.
  • Decrease Cycle Time
    Keep up with the pace of global demand with real time multi-defect detections.
  • Reduce Cost
    Manufacturers will benefit from less false rejections, better detection rates and reduced overheads.



Your AI Journey Begins Here...

  • Upgrade
    Upgrade any ASH Inspex or Omni inspection system. Once you have upgraded your inspection system, sign up to the ASH Cloud at www.ashcloud.ai to access your free trial version of AI APP. Links shown below.
  • Create Your Recipe
    The ASH Cloud will host your inspection models trained with multiple classes using multiple images.
  • Inspect
    Once an inspection model is trained, it can be deployed to the ASH microscope system to test your samples, outputting a PASS/FAIL decision or a sample count.

Choose Links

Omni 3 Upgrade

Click link below to upgrade your current Omni 3 to newest version.

Omni 3_5.0 Upgrade

Join us then on the cloud to start you journey with AI.

ASH Cloud Sign Up

Inspex 3 Upgrade

Click link below to upgrade your current Inspex 3 to newest version.

Inspex 3_5.0 Upgrade

Join us then on the cloud to start you journey with AI.

ASH Cloud Sign Up

Omni core Upgrade

Coming soon…


Inspex II Upgrade

Coming soon…


Like the AI APP?

Time to Take a deep dive and transition to the... Acumen AI

The Acumen AI is the ultimate platform and the next level in inspection. It brings fruition to robust quality control processes that are essential to productive operations, earning and maintaining customer trust, and to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Brochure for fully loaded Acumen AI

All you need to know about Acumen AI

A comprehensive Acumen AI product brochure, in pdf format, for downloading, sharing and printing.

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