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Omni App and Software Updates

Ash Technologies are continually exploring and developing new concepts and software developments.


auto measure

NEW! Automatic Measurement App

ash orange tick Rapid on screen PASS/FAIL analysis

ash orange tick Takes multiple measurements simultaneously

ash orange tick Measurement result recording

ash orange tick Qualitative & quantitative analysis against digital template with tolerances


NEW! Improved Omni DXF Import App

ash orange tick Simple one click import process

ash orange tick Omni will automatically set the magnification based on the drawing per part size and import the dimensions




  NEW! Omni Software V3.20

ash orange tick Achieve maximum image sharpness with additional camera settings

ash orange tick Configure toolbar with favourite apps

ash orange tick Control the speed of the image comparator

ash orange tick Auto-connect NFS on start-up



Stent InspectionNEW! Omni Software Maintenance Package

ash orange tick This package allows the user to continue to receive the latest software updates and performance enhancements

ash orange tick Ensures the user always has optimal use of their Omni systems



 NEW! Extended Warranty

ash orange tick Ash are now offering an optional Extended 12 Month Warranty. Contact Ash or your local distributor for more information





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