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A one size solution does not always fit the individual inspection and budget needs of users

Ash is delighted to introduce:

omni core

Start with the core then add your apps

The capabilities of the Omni core can be further expanded with advanced inspection and measurement apps to suit the users own unique processes

The flexibility of the Omni core system has the following advantages:

  • addresses the varying inspection and budget requirements of users by offering a tailored solution that can be configured through purchasing additional applications to suit their needs
  • future-proofed platform that evolves with changing operational needs
  • continual expansion of application range

As industries introduce new products and parts, new inspection requirements are inevitable in today’s fast paced environment. The Omni core can be configured with new apps to meet the changing inspection needs, without the need for purchasing a new system

Ash are continually developing and releasing new apps to support users in their quest for quality assurance, improved workflow speed and efficiency.

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