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To see these exciting new accessories visit us at Productronica Booth A2 171.

Ash Technologies will unveil exciting new accessories at this weeks Productronica in Munich. These accessories enhance and compliment the capabilities of the Omni Digital Microscope and Measurement System.


Ash 360° Rotating ViewerAsh 360° Rotating Viewer

Inspect objects with a full 360° rotating view.

Useful for inspecting electronic components, medical devices and metal cutting tools.

The rotating viewer easily attaches to the standard Ash lens.


Ash Omni Diffused LED Dome Light

Omni Diffused LED Dome Light

Light comes from all angles effectively eliminating glare.

This Dome Light is powered from Omni’s integrated power system which means no external power supply is required.





Ash +25 Lens

+25 Lens

Achieve up to 663x magnification with this high powered lens.

Inspect and measure at greater magnification levels than ever before.






Omni Motorized XY Stage


Omni Motorized XY Stage

This stage can be used in conjunction with graticules to create inspection workflows.

Objects can be moved to predefined locations to automate inspection.


Omni Touchscreen Workflow Controller

Omni Touchscreen Workflow Controller

Step by step control of custom workflows to standardize and control inspection.

Controller can work in conjunction with Omni Motorized XY Stage.




Ash PC Capture Ash PC Capture

Stream and capture Full HD 60fps video and images to PC.

Comes complete with HDMI to USB converter and Ash capture software.


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