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Lens & Lighting Options

AI 100-064

+50 Lens

The +50 lens can be used with the Omni 3 for inspection and measurement purposes. The +50 lens can only be used with the Inspex 3 for inspection purposes only. It can reach a maximum magnification is 662x optical and 1324x digital.

AI 100-053

+25 Lens

Achieve up to 662x magnification with this high powered lens. Inspect and measure at greater magnification levels than ever before.

AI 100-055

+10 Plan 1x Lens

Plan objectives have a flat field of approximately 95% of the centre of the image. This flatter lens creates less lens distortion than when using a standard lens.

AI 100 – 066

UV Gooseneck Illuminator

Long flexible neck lengths to suit a variety of applications. Individual light intensity controls via power supply adjustment knobs.

AI 100 - 033

LED Fibre Optic Illuminator

High power LED light source. Energy efficient. Long life, low heat, UV free.

AI 801-458

Ash 360⁰ Rotating Viewer

Inspect objects with a full 360⁰ rotating view, allowing users to rapidly inspect samples from an oblique angle (28⁰ from vertical). Useful for inspecting electronic components, medical devices and metal cutting tools. The rotating viewer easily attaches to the standard Ash lens.

AI 100-045

Omni 3 & Inspex 3 Diffused LED Dome Light

Light intensity control (via software interface). Reduces glare for improved image definition. Cool white light. Can be used with +5 Lens.

MR 801-835

Substage Polarising Film

The Sub-Stage Polarising Film is used in conjunction with the Polarised Lens Filter (Analyser). This accessory will aid the user to analyse surface or stress defects when inspecting transparent samples. The Sub-Stage Polarising Film aids visual inspection of transparent parts. By simply rotating the Polarised Lens Filter (Analyser), the user can increase visibility of surface defects.

AI 801-423

Polarised Ringlight & Analyser

Compatible with Omni 3 & Inspex 3

The Polarised Ringlight & Analyser aids the visual inspection of shiny or reflective parts. By simply rotating the Lens Polarising Filter (Analyser), the user can increase or decrease the amount of contrast in the image to highlight defects.

AI 100-041

Polarising Lens (Analyzer) 58mm

The Polarising Filter helps manage reflections, or suppress glare and is extremely useful for inspecting transparent or reflective objects (when used in conjunction with polarised lighting). The rotational orientation of the filter is adjusted for the preferred effect. Available in both 52mm for Inspex HD and 58mm for Omni 3 and Inspex 3.

AI 280-150

+5 Lens Omni 3 & Inspex 3 Lens (58mm)

A range of 58mm lenses available for the Omni 3 and Inspex 3 range.

AI 280-125

+4 Lens Inspex HD Lenses (52mm)

A range of 52mm lenses available for the Inspex HD range.

AI 280-123

+5 Lens Inspex HD Lenses (52mm)

A range of 52mm lenses available for the Inspex HD range.

AI 280-124

+10 Lens Inspex HD Lenses (52mm)

A range of 52mm lenses available for the Inspex HD range.

AI 100-012

8-Point LED Ringlight

This high quality, detachable 8-Point LED ringlight features light intensity control and produces a cool white light. It is a compact design that allows ease of access to the sample being inspected.

AI 100-001

Diffused LED Dome Light

The diffused LED dome light is designed to provide uniform illumination of complex surfaces. Light comes from all angles effectively eliminating glare. It features light intensity control and produces a cool white light.

AI 801-421

UV Ringlight

A controllable UV Ringlight, providing optimum shadow-free illumination for a wide range of applications with no external power supply. This is particularly useful for the application of conformance coating of PCB’s.

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