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Industrial Inspection Pioneer

Advanced, flexible, digital solutions

Our inspection technology powers over 15,000 solutions for sophisticated manufacturers globally. We deliver faster, better, easier inspection for more efficient, effective manufacturing. Our intelligent digital microscopes ensure you can protect your product quality, minimise risk and support demanding production requirements. We work directly with our clients in Ireland and the UK, and indirectly through an established network of partners that spans the globe.

Our technology

Award winning, unique technology.
100% designed and built for inspection.

We design, build and support the world’s most advanced inspection technology. A
specialist provider, with 25 years of experience, offering a highly customisable solution.

Pioneering technology.

We strive to continually advance the field of inspection. Since 2018 we have pioneered the use of integrated software apps for inspection. In 2019 we created the world’s first pure-inspection camera platform, AshCam+™, and in 2020 we launched the world’s first AI 30x zoom camera inspection platform. The benefits of our camera are that you can now easily configure and set up for a range of parts through one camera platform. We have received multiple technology and design awards, including Red Dot and IF Design awards.

Tailored to your unique needs.

We design and build all our own technology, both the hardware and the software, so that we can provide our clients with complete, sophisticated, ever-evolving, adaptable solutions. Our App based solution enables us to quickly tailor to very specific needs and to develop bespoke solutions as required.

Robust, adaptable,
floor inspection

Reduce errors, costs and risk. Increase speed, efficiency, and traceability.
  • Easy to use.
    We deeply understand inspection. All software and hardware is designed and manufactured in-house to deliver very intuitive, smart, user friendly solutions. Easy to set-up, easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Digital.
    The speed, accuracy, intelligence and integration that is possible with digital. Increase the efficiency of your inspection process.
  • Ever-evolving.
    A cloud based solution, so our clients benefit from a steady stream of new advancements and features.
  • Standalone.
    Our digital microscopes are standalone systems - you don’t need a PC to operate them. Save validation time. Simplify your validation process. Save work space.
  • Tough.
    Our hardware is designed and built to handle the robustness of the manufacturing floor.
  • Value.
    We provide solutions to solve your application with significant return on investment year-on-year.
It is our job to stand in the
shoes of our customers,
experience their pain
points and take away all
their inspection problems.
We have the team, the technology and the passion to deliver tailored solutions so our customers can thrive and do what they do best.
Martin Cahill, Chief Operating Officer

The value

Increase the speed, intelligence and accuracy of inspection

We enable sophisticated industries to leverage the capability of advanced inspection technology to protect quality, minimise risk, and support the demands of their manufacturing processes.

  • Reduce risk.
  • Eliminate human error.
  • Increase throughput with faster inspection.
  • Optimise quality control and assurance.
  • Reduce wastage and re-work.
  • Reduce inspection overheads.
  • Automate process and improve data recording.
  • Support digital transformation.
  • Protect your employees.
  • Increase capability.
Omni 3 has reduced our inspection timeframe by 75%.
Omni 3 provided a rapid, digital inspection solution which removed human subjectivity and sped up overall inspection time. This has also strengthened relationships with customers and improved company reputation. Previously, projects would take three-to-four months to complete. The same project now takes less than one month.
Andrew Whittingham, FlyEvidence

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