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Inspecting Invertebrates with Omni 3

At ASH, we often encounter unique and interesting applications within varying industries, such as biological inspection which involves the inspecting of invertebrates such as insects, mites, and moths. Conops Entomology Ltd is an entomological consultancy specialising in invertebrate survey, invertebrate site assessment, invertebrate research, and invertebrate conservation advice to the public and private sectors.

ASH recently visited Andy Jukes at Conops Entomology Ltd. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and would like to extend our thanks to Andy for allowing us to provide an ideal solution for this application.

Utilising the award-winning Omni 3 Digital Microscope and Measurement System, various insect samples were inspected. The Image Stacking App allows the user to view a sample with different layers all in focus at the same time. Omni automatically captures several images from 2 to 12 at different focal depths and creates an image based on the sharpest regions from each of these separate captures. This allowed us to accurately inspect mantis flies, shore flies and ruby wasps, in addition to measuring wing segments and body segments.

Focus-Stacked Mantis Fly
Shore Fly with Wing Section Measurements

The Omni 3 allows the user to leverage advanced technology to move to hyper speed, super-precision, inspection. The Omni 3 has been engineered to deliver one of the most advanced and intuitive digital microscope experiences. Powerful, embedded software can process complex imaging tasks without a PC. Custom designed to deliver maximum power.

Ruby Wasp Side-By-Side Comparison with Body Segment Measurements

To learn more about the Omni 3, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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