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Industrial Communications Module

The Industrials Communication Module (ICM) is a modular add-on to the Acumen AI system that enables communication between industrial devices such as PLCs, cobots or robots.

This module can be configured to PROFINET / EtherNET/IP in the Acumen AI software.


  • Industry 4.0 is the golden standard for all manufacturers
    Communication enables interconnectivity and communication between the Acumen AI and industrial equipment and devices for inspection process automation to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Automated decision making / assistance
    Enables operational continuity when staff shortages or lack of trained inspectors occur.
  • Reduces the demand for skilled human inspectors doing routine tasks
    Employees can be deployed to higher value add tasks.
  • Reduces downtime on inspection lines
    The ability to integrate cobot/robot automation enables operation outside of working hours.

Important Considerations

  1. The industrial communications module should be strongly considered at the point of purchase, otherwise the Acumen AI system is required to be shipped back to the factory for the PLC card installation, if industrial communications is required at a later date.
  2. Any Acumen AI that has a PLC card installed outside the ASH factory voids all service, warranty, and support.
  3. When the PLC card is installed, the Wi-Fi antenna ports on the Acumen Controller Unit (ACU) will no longer be available - therefore an ethernet cable must be used for networking.
  4. Selection of PROFINET and EtherNet/IP is usually determined by the existing industrial device systems in use within the manufacturing process.

how it works

The user can use any appropriate PLC controller to enable control over the interconnectivity of the Acumen AI and industrial devices.

  • Setup and configure the PLC as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Add the Acumen AI as a PROFINET / EtherNET/IP I/O device on the PLC Controller.
  • Acumen API commands will become visible once added to the PLC Controller (Reference Acumen API Commands List).


All you need to know about the Acumen AI

A comprehensive Acumen AI product brochure in pdf format, for downloading, sharing and printing.

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