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400% increase in throughput & defect free


Needed significantly faster throughput

Our client had to find a way to quickly and significantly increase their needle production throughput to meet the needs of one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers. Their bottleneck was inspection. They were using an expensive measurement tool to measure key features of these long biopsy needles, but the process was taking 3 minutes for every single one. They needed a faster way.


Tailored digital inspection at speed

The client’s project champion visited us to collaborate on developing a better process. We developed a solution using our Omni technology and our DXF app. A digital graticule was generated for each needle design and uploaded to the Omni to overlay the DXF graticule image on the image of the needle. Thereby directly, accurately and quickly comparing the needle to the required parameters, enabling a near instant pass or fail decision on each. We helped commission the solution on-site, and continue to support their inspection needs.


3 minute inspection down to 3 seconds!

The solution enabled our client to achieve their throughput needs, and with headroom to increase further if they needed. Inspection was no longer a bottleneck.

  • 3 minute inspection down to 3 seconds!
  • Enabled a 400% increase in throughout.
  • Accurate digital inspection, ensuring all defect-free.

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