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30% Faster Inspection. Improved quality.


Digitise Process to Improve Quality and Save Time

Natec required a shift from manual magnifiers to a digitised solution. They wished to increase the quality of their products and identify defects faster and more accurately. Moreover, they wished to improve the overall wellbeing of their operators through an ergonomic solution.


Digitised Solution. Improved Operator Ergonomics & Product Quality!

Natec has integrated many Inspex and Omni solutions into their cleanroom over the past three years. These solutions provide a streamlined process for visual inspection and final dimension control.


30% Faster Inspection. Improved quality.

Guillaume Balland, Natec explains the impact “inspection time has been reduced by 30% since shifting from manual magnifiers to Ash. Even more importantly we have been able to increase the overall quality of our products. Ash solutions are extremely reliable and precise, and are accessible for all operators. Incorporating their technology into our process has allowed us to exceed our daily operations, providing faster qualitative root cause analysis on daily defects, permitting us to better characterise our defects and establish workmanship standards. We can now perform precise investigations with the OMNI and Inspex. This was not possible with a manual magnifier. We look forward to further innovations from Ash – helping to continue improving our manufacturing and quality expertise in the medical device industry.”

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