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Acumen AI Press Release

The Acumen AI is an Artificial Intelligence Inspection System designed and manufactured by ASH.

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How Does It Work?

Contact the ASH team to discuss your inspection application. We will work with you to develop an AI solution for your application based on the Acumen AI platform.

The Acumen AI can be developed to meet each customer’s individual and specific needs.

Customer Benefits

The Acumen AI is ideal for Medical Device Manufacturing, Pharma, Precision Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Agriculture industries.

Medical Device & Pharma

Patient safety is paramount. The Acumen AI will eliminate errors while inspecting critical parts such as syringes, needles, catheters, vials, balloons and stents. Generate reports to improve the manufacturing process. Increase throughput while significantly saving inspection costs.

Precision Engineering

Identifying defective parts is crucial when it comes to micro componentry. The Acumen AI is ideal for identifying, labelling, classifying and counting multiple components at the same time. This results in a significant saving in material waste, cost and can double your production throughput efficiency.

Aerospace & Automotive

This intelligent, AI inspection platform delivers significant improvement in the performance of inspection tasks in both aerospace and automotive industries. Critical components such as turbine blades, gaskets, seals and engine parts can be inspected in a matter of milliseconds.

At ASH we design, develop and manufacture all our user-centric solutions in-house and are proud of our award-winning innovation process. We use creative Design Thinking to actively empathise with our customers to understand their real unmet needs and jobs to be done. We seek meaningful engagement and co-creation with our end users so we can develop the best possible solutions and services in the quality assurance industry, resulting in cost savings, increased workflow efficiency, waste reduction and an overall improved quality process.

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