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The Acumen AI is an intelligent, digital microscope that utilises next generation, deep learning video analysis. Automatically identify, detect, classify, measure and count a wide range of part defects. Implementing the power of the Acumen AI will significantly increase production efficiency, eliminate human error and increase production throughput.

Utilise the power of the Acumen AI to develop your own machine learning models for your parts, for your needs.
Alternatively, tell us the problem and we can develop a complete Turnkey AI Solution.


  • Return on Investment

    The Acumen AI will significantly increase throughput and reduce material waste. It will also reduce inspection costs and overheads. Inspect critical parts in milliseconds. Remove operator error, eliminate risk, avoid product recalls and protect your reputation. Acumen AI will pay for itself and provide significant return on investment.

  • Self-Training

    Master your own destiny. Train the Acumen AI for what you want, when you want. Train and develop your own complex programs to rapidly identify defects and meet your specific needs. The Acumen AI is intuitive, easy to train and simple to learn.

The Acumen AI - the intelligent digital microscope system powered by machine learning


  • Autonomous

    You can automate your process with the Acumen AI, consequentially removing subjectivity and eliminating human error. Increase efficiency. Through the  integration of robots and cobots, you can free up valuable resources to work on other projects.

  • Data Reporting

    Gather data for continuous learning and process improvement. Generate in-depth detailed reports directly from the Acumen AI. Output images, failure statistics and custom data reports to improve statistical process control.

Industry Applications

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    Next Generation Intelligent Inspection
    Acumen AI automatically identifies, detects and classifies product defects, guides assembly operators, controls robots and cobots, generates data-driven reports, maximises throughput and eliminates human error.
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    Syringe Inspection
    Remove human eye manual inspection methods of the past and step into the future of our Acumen AI. A high accuracy, repetitive process that saves significant time and resources.
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    Colony Counting
    Artificial Intelligence with deep learning is the future in colony counting. Our Acumen AI powered by machine learning algorithms can overcome many frustrating challenges, including CFU overlap.
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    Defect Detection & Measurement
    Simultaneous measurements and multiple part defect detection. The Acumen AI removes a time consuming manual process for an efficiently accurate process.
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    Component Placement
    Our Acumen AI algorithms remove costly batch scrapping caused by manual configurations. Machine learning accurately configures placements and orientations of all types of components on PCB boards.
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    Tablet Packaging Inspection
    Maintain packaging integrity and quality by implementing the Acumen AI's deep learning processes to ensure consistent, time-saving, accurate inspection time.
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    Cell Counting
    Automatic cell counting that uses a deep learning algorithm, accelerating the traditional haemocytometer method.
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    Inspecting Vials
    You can detect multiple defects simultaneously in real-time. Eliminating human error can save time and cost.
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    Mite Inspection
    Identify, track and count live, moving objects for biological applications. Automatic reporting directly from Acumen AI.
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    PCB Inspection
    Enable the power of the Acumen AI to automatically identify, detect and classify anomalies such as missing components, foreign objects, debris, solder bridges or shorts.

Turnkey AI Solutions

Tell us the problem and we’ll deliver a turnkey AI solution.

Ash can deliver a full automated and integrated AI solution tailored to your needs. Our team will spend the time understanding your unique requirements and develop a complete inspection solution. Developing the hardware, software and machine learning algorithms to meet your exact requirements. If required, we can also interface with robots, cobots, communications and automated equipment. We can both deliver and support – continuously improving the AI algorithms, and continually improve your process.

Our turnkey approach

  1. We discuss your specific requirements in detail.
  2. Send us sample parts or images for a free analysis and proof of concept.
  3. Solution is scoped, presented, refined and approved.
  4. System is configured, delivered, installed, tested and commissioned.
  5. We train your team.
  6. Continuous support available to improve AI algorithms.

Technical Information

Camera Specifications

Lens Type5
OpticalMagnification Range (X)2.5 - 68
X-axis FOV (mm)200 - 7.5
Y-axis FOV (mm)112 - 4.2
DigitalMagnification Range (X)69d - 136.5d
X-axis FOV (mm)7.5 x 3.75
Y-axis FOV (mm)4.2 x 2.1
Working Distance (mm)195
Depth of Field (mm)80 (min. zoom) / 0.5 (max. optical)

Technical Specifications

Magnification Range (with supplied +5 Lens)2.2 - 131.7x
Camera Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Monitor ConnectionsHDMI / DVI
Monitor RequirementsHD Ready / Full HD (Recommended)
Input / OutputHDMI Output
USB 2.0 (x4 Ports)
Mini USB Port
General Purpose IO (x3 Ports)
DC Power Jack 24V
Internal Storage16GB
Image CaptureInternal Storage
Removable USB Image Storage
USB on the Go (PC Connectivity)
Dimensions216mm x 165mm x 170mm
Operating TemperatureStorage 10°C to 60°C
Operating 5°C to 40°C


All you need to know about Acumen AI

A comprehensive Acumen AI product brochure, in pdf format, for downloading, sharing and printing.

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