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Transformed process. Projects 4X faster.


Faster, accurate classification of biological samples.

FlyEvidence provide an insect identification service. They were using manual inspection which involved using a drawing tube on an optical microscope. The inspection process was tedious. The user was required to trace around the sample using pencil and paper before being reduced or magnified on a standard photocopier. The user was then required to manually trace the sample again with permanent ink. The process took hours and days to complete. FlyEvidence wanted to solve this problem with a fast, reliable and accurate digital solution.


Transformation to Digital. Streamlined inspection and automated reporting.

Ash provided a digital solution to solve this application. This enabled high-quality research output due to advanced algorithms and capabilities. Customer reports are now streamlined and projects are executed in a satisfactory timeframe.


4X faster project delivery

Andrew Whittington, the founder of FlyEvidence, speaks about the positive impact: “The Omni 3 has reduced our inspection timeframe by 75%. The Omni 3 provided a rapid, digital inspection solution which removed human subjectivity and sped up overall inspection time. This has also strengthened relationships with customers and improved company reputation. Previously, projects would take three-to-four months to complete. With the power of the Omni 3, the same project now takes less than one month.”

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